Incredibly Bad

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I read The Maidens first and hated it. Saw lots of people saying that his debut was far better, so in a moment of boredom and weakness I read it. Unfortunately it is also really bad.
The language is a lot better; unlike The Maidens, the author seems to have put actual effort into the writing of this book. Not much effort, but enough so that it doesn't read like a bot pulling from a database of bland thrillers wrote it.
The twist is good when you first read it, and completely falls apart if you think about it for more than a second. It makes very little sense as it involves a character making the most unbelievable decisions and assumptions. The conclusion is equally boring, as you don't really care or believe (because that's how badly done the twist is) who the villain is and whether they get away with it or not.
Pacing is also quite slow. Not unbearable, but he just goes on and on about unnecessary things. The twist should've happened in the middle of the book, and the rest of the book should have been a cat-and-mouse kind of thing.