I never saw that coming!!

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This was so good!!! I never saw the twist coming until it was right there in my face! I'm so incredibly impressed! So many times whiten I read thrillers, I can predict the ending or get party close. Not this one! I was completely enraptured with the idea of Alicia not speaking again after the death of her husband and I loved the psychological aspects of why that might be. She's a pretty intriguing character along with all the other characters you meet along the way. If you want a good psychological thriller this is it! I noticed that the film rights were optioned and I can't wait to see how they put it into a movie. It's very suspenseful and easy to read. It's very hard to put it down! It is told from Theo's perspective in his own home life and as Alicia's psychotherapist and also through Alicia's diary entries.