I'm conflicted

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I liked this book, but I also didn't like this book. I loved the ending and the twist that it revealed, but I just couldn't stay interested in the book. Sometimes huge twists at the end change the way I feel completely, but even then it didn't really change much on how I felt. I am glad that I read this book, there was a lot of me that was dying to get started on it. It fit a lot of the prompts that I had, which I think is ultimately the reason I even finished this book and found the part that I liked the most.
I feel there was too much build-up and a lot of exposition rather than the feeling that normally comes with a thriller. I didn't feel on the edge of my seat and I don't really recall feeling much mystery at all, and while the ending surprised me, it didn't feel like one of those mind-blowing things. While I didn't see it coming, it just didn't fit the pace of the rest of the story.