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I couldn't put it down...an intriguing psychological thriller

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Police are called to investigate gun shots at the home of famed painter Alicia Berenson and her fashion photographer husband Gabriel. What they discover is a grisly murder in which Gabriel has been tied to a chair and shot five times at close range in the face. Alicia is found standing, her nightgown covered in blood, and her wrists slit. Although they are able to save her life Alicia has refused to speak a word since that night. Accused of the crime she is sentenced to a mental institution called The Grove. Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist, is intimately familiar with the case and has waited patiently for an opportunity to work with Alicia. When a position opens up at the clinic, he is determined to get Alicia to talk and reveal the mystery behind the events of that night. As Theo digs into Alicia's past he uncovers a darker side to her seemingly perfect life.

The Silent Patient is the exciting debut psychological thriller by Alex Michaelides. When I received my copy one of the first details that stood out to me was the faux newspaper article that was included with my copy of the novel. It covered the murder case and gave quotes from Characters in the book which I thought was a nice touch for marketing the book. This was more of a slow paced suspense building novel which was done in such an intriguing and clever way that I had a hard time putting the book down. The characters are complex with intricate layers that are slowly revealed throughout the course of novel to uncover a surprising twist ending. Alicia's character truly had me guessing until the end if she was actually capable of such a horrific crime. This was a much anticipated read for me that didn't disappoint and I look forward to reading future books from this author.