I absolutely loved it

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An amazing, completely absorbing read. The Silent Patient captured my full attention for all the hours that took me to fully read the book. I am particularly attracted to this kind of psychological thriller genre and this book did not disappoint. It entrapped me right from the start.
Although the beginning was a bit slow, soon enough the pace catches up and you plunge into this narrative head first, and you love it. To say that this book blew my mind, is selling it short. It is an amazing artwork of thriller, crime and mystery. Towards the end, when I begun to think i knew what was going on/going to happen, the author just added an unimaginable plot twist, leaving me in shock and without words.
I really want to read the other books that this author had!!
I could not recommend this book enough!! Everyone that enjoys a goo mystery should read this because I swear that you wont regret it!