Great psychological thriller novel from a debut author and publisher!

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A build up psychological thriller that will have you turning the pages back to the beginning to start all over again!

Well renowned artist Alicia Berenson is the only one found on the scene of her husband's murder. It's years later after the incident and she has refused to speak a word to anyone, becoming mute. After a trial for the murder of her husband, Alicia was sentenced to treatment at a mental hospital. Psychotherapist Theo Farber has been intrigued by the murder, following the case for years and successfully gains employment at the treatment center where Alicia is a resident. Theo becomes determined to be her therapist and is confident he will be able to provide the therapy that will get Alicia to speak again and uncover the missing details surrounding the crime. Will he succeed? What is Alicia hiding?

This was a fantastic debut by Alex Michaelides and Celadon Books first published novel. I can't wait to see what they both put out next!