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Great mystery!

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I really enjoyed this mystery. The Silent Patient was engaging from the time that she shoots her husband to the very end. I wish I could spoil the ending and talk about it, but I know I can't do that! Working in the psychiatric field, it was interesting to hear the diagnosis, the treatments, etc, and the events that transpired in the Silent Patient. The writer's style of writing was contemporary, not flowery or overly filled with adjectives, but engaging and made you feel like you were part of the book. I didn't find any obvious plot holes either.

I really did root for the main character, Alicia. I wanted her to talk, to speak up, to tell her story. You have to wonder what's going on her mind, not to talk...and if you would do the same. I enjoyed the Silent Patient so much that I did pass it down to my mother. If I felt that it was good enough for my mother, that's 5 stars right there.