Excellent Debut Psychological Thriller

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This novel definitely digs its claws into you right from the get-go! One day Alicia decides to shoot her husband in the face five times, and then she never speaks another word. Enter Theo, the criminal psychologist assigned to her case. Theo is hell bent on figuring out the WHY behind Alicia's seemingly random episode. The twists and turns in this story had me hooked all the way through. It's one of those stories that I will be able to read again later on down the road, because I never in a million years thought of some of the twists and turns that came up. Literally everyone in this novel is screwed up in one way or another. I absolutely love flawed characters, and I double love dark and messed up story lines. Alex Michaelides is an author to watch out for, and I'm especially excited to read his next novel The Maidens to be published this month.