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Epic Domestic Thriller

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The Silent Patient is a thriller about a mute murderer and the obsessive therapist who tries to get her story.

First of all, you’ve likely heard this is a major twist in the book. I certainly won’t spoil it other than to say you will probably suspect what’s to come. Sorry/not sorry.

That said, the plot in the book is complicated and the execution by the author is very well done. This is one heck of a book.

The book opens with the therapist basically admitting he’s obsessed with the case and the mute patient. When he finally gets there, it’s nearly lethal for him. As we get the back story, the relationship between the killed and the one who kills, it’s hard to know what’s true and what is a misdirection. That’s actually the beauty of the book—unreliable narrators often make for very great literature.

This book messes with your mind in the best possible way.