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Couldn't put this one down

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Artist Alicia Berenson killed her husband, that much is pretty much agreed upon. The question that’s still unclear several years later is: why? And that question is pretty hard to answer because Alicia hasn’t said a damn thing since being found holding a gun facing her dead husband’s body — only expressing herself once through a self portrait featuring one word: Alcestis (the name of a Greek mythology heroine). Theo Faber, a psychologist new to Alicia’s hospital, thinks he can crack her open and help tell her story.

I did not see the big reveal coming AT ALL. And the ending is pretty damn satisfying if not unsettling. I’ve heard people review the book as the twist being the only thing going for it.. and I don’t completely agree. It was a solid, dark, and intriguing story the whole time. And a fast read you won’t be able to put down!

I gotta give this one 5 stars. I loved how Alex Michaelides wove art and Greek mythology into this story. It added so much value to me.