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Chills up you spine

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I simply love books that brings chills to my spine. You know the ones: as you read, your senses are soon on high alert and you spine is crawling with pin prick tingles. This book brings the chills.

It's a slow burn story of Alicia Berenson. She had the picture perfect life: the perfect fashion photographer husband and the luxurious life style that comes with being an in demand painter. Except when the veneer is torn away when she shoots her husband in the face five times. Yikes.

This is where the fun starts. Alicia stops talking. She is thrown into a psychiatric ward and hidden away until Theo Faber decides that it is his fate to help her. From there, the story starts to get into your head.

You start to question what you read, if you missed a detail, and what just happened?! Soon, those chills start creeping up your spine. Quick read that will indulge your thirst for thrills.