Better than I was expecting

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When I picked up this book, it had been regarded as one of the best thrillers in recent years. That comment alone was something that made me hesitant to pick it up. But, I began reading it. I found as I finished that it was definitely something I had a lot of fun with. The pacing of the book was phenomenal, and the characters and mystery alone were so well done. Alex Michaelides is an author I feel could remain an important author in the thriller industry for years to come, because of the uniqueness of his books. The twists in this book were much much better than I was expecting them to be, also due to the aforementioned hype. But the way he can show these reveals is very good, and I was gasping at the last third of this book. The only reason this book did not get the full five stars was because of some of the motivations of the characters, and a few small moments that made it undeserving in my opinion. But, overall, it’s a must-read for thriller lovers!