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I've heard a lot about this book and was excited to finally read it. In my personal opinion, writing was better in "The Maidens", I just couldn't get lost in this book and the story kept putting me off. I liked when the action was at the Grove, it had all the perfect dark vibes. The side plot with the art world was very interesting and added to the atmosphere. My only complaint is that the characters felt flat, I wanted more depth and backstory. I did not feel like I know them, they were distant and disconnected.
Once the book got to the first twist I finally got fully involved and couldn't put it down. "Who, what, how" couldn't leave my head and got me fully engaged.
I loved the atmosphere of the Grove the most, the ending was a solid 5-star on its own and made me want to re-read it immediately, knowing how it ends! This is one of those books when you think you know what's happening, but you really don't!