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A thrilling and engaging story!

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This book is a thrilling tale with many twists and turns. Once you think you have it all figured out the book turns in an entirely new direction. The attention to detail is impeccable and I promise you'll have a hard time putting it down.

That being said, I listened to this book on audio, and while the production was stunning, this is a book where you are going to really need to pay attention. There were parts where I zoned out from listening while I was working and I had to retrack or look up what I missed, because I was left confused. I almost took a star away for that reason, but that's more on me than the author.

So I'd say if you want a book that's going to suck you and leave you feeling some kind of way, this is the book for you. Just make sure you are paying attention to what is going on because it's really easy to get confused, especially towards the end.