A New Favorite!

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This book proves that everything is really not as it seems. You may see someone living what is supposedly a perfect life, but there is much more once you begin to scratch the surface. I, for one, am truly hoping to see this story someday portrayed on the Hollywood screens. I think that the storyline would be so captivating as a movie, and can only dream that this book has the best success.

It’s such a good psychological read- I happen to be a big fan of suspense and thriller type novels, so I would therefore recommend this book to anyone! Whether it be a friend or a mailman, I cannot stop talking about this book!

This author is amazing, and has my respect. I cannot wait to read even more of this authors books. I have looked into the author, and have read the description of one of his other books. If this story alone is any indication, I am sure I will love whatever work he puts out!