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The Shadows

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I have been putting off this review for ages; for one it took me awhile to obtain the desire to read again and because this book didn’t work for me.

In the last year I’ve become more aware of what a negative space the internet can be for a writer, and I do not wish to be apart of that, therefore in this review I’m just going to say how much I appreciate Alex North for sharing their talent and art with the literary world. A huge thank you to Celadon books for publishing this book. And a thank you to bookish first/netgalley for hosting this first impression/raffle.

I wish I could have passed this arc onto someone who would have loved and praised it, unfortunately I was not able to due to covid.

Please do check out ‘The Shadows’ if the plot interests you. I hope you all enjoy it <3 remember to be thoughtful of the way you go about reviewing in the future, imagine how it would feel to have someone rip apart something you put all of your time and effort into. Take care and be safe everyone.