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So creepy and thrilling!

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This story left me intrigued to try lucid dreaming, but at the same time terrified of what could come of it!
I loved how the story shifted between the first person account of Paul, telling us events that happened years ago, leading up to the murder, and what’s happening now that’s connected to that murder. His side of the story felt like I was reading his narrative. He was tell what’s happening now, and then have flashbacks to years prior that he was just remembering, but gives the reader background information.
I also enjoyed how the story would then switch to the third person account of Detective Amanda, giving the reader information on the current investigation that’s connected to the one from 25 years ago.
I could not put this book down! Just about every chapter ended on a cliffhanger, leaving you in suspense!
Also, I haven’t read The Whisper Man, but I like that Amanda only mentions that case, so you don’t have to read that one first.
What’s even better, without spoiling anything, I felt like the ending really had closure, so even though I was terrified throughout the book, I felt at ease once it ended.
If you enjoy Stephen King, then this is a great choice!