Sinister Atmosphere

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When Paul’s classmate, Charlie, becomes obsessed with the idea of Lucid Dreaming and an entity called ‘Red Hands’ he creates a deadly chain of events that effects multiple lives. Decades later Paul returns to his home town spurred by his deteriorating mother’s senile words and unanswered questions.

This audio had alternating POVs between Paul and the detective on the case. The narrations were well done and I definitely enjoyed the accented cadence of each voice being represented. I have to give Heffernan credit for setting the atmosphere surrounding Paul’s childhood exceptionally well. His narration brought a sense of foreboding that I thoroughly enjoyed. Had a Slender Man vibe to it that I liked.

The story itself was a well laid out suspenseful thriller. Unique twists and not as predictable as most. Some areas where a little fast paced in their unveiling and I kind of feel that it came to an abrupt close rather suddenly after all of the buildup in the beginning. Especially when the main revelation comes all at once. There’s a few questions I still have lingering that I will probably hound my book buddies on but overall I did enjoy this eerie narration.

Would I say I was scared or creeped out? Probably not so much but I was engaged and entertained throughout the entire audio. There are some mildly gruesome scenes and a haunting feel to everything. I like the fact it ties a little into his first novel and has elements like lucid dreaming. I’d definitely recommend to readers who enjoyed his first novel and anyone who likes a suspenseful thriller.

Thank you to MacMillan Audio and NetGalley for the opportunity to listen to and review this advanced audio copy for an honest and unbiased review.