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What if, during lucid dreaming, you had the power to do bad things? Terrible things? You are beyond the scope of reality, because anything is possible in a dream, but also because you’re lucid, you’re able to recognize it’s a dream and go in to the dream and control it how you see fit. But instead of it being a dream, and harmless, what you’re doing is actually happening, somewhere in the real world. This is a big concept at the heart of the novel.

Charlie Crabtree was just a teenager when he committed a horrible murder. He believed in a monster in the woods, called Red Hands, that he could summon to do his bidding through lucid dreaming. And Charlie believed that if he tried hard enough, he could exist in the dream world and leave his worldly body behind.

Nobody actually believed Charlie could do this, but after the murder, Charlie’s accomplice to the murder was found, while Charlie was never seen again. Did he vanish into the world of Red Hands so he could escape punishment for his crimes, or was there something else going on?

Looking at reviews, many seem to like The Whisper Man better. I, however, preferred this one. There was a little twist in there I didn’t see coming, and the whole story itself was just really intriguing to me. I thought it was fast paced and well written. The Whisper Man was North’s debut, and you can tell, as I feel the writing in this has significantly improved. I seem to be in the minority of preferring this one over The Whisper Man, but if you liked that one I would suggest picking up this one too.