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I have noticed that many were more impressed with the Whisper Man than this one. Personally, I am the opposite. I found this book was much better.

While, I liked the plot of the Whisper Man, I thought the spookiness was weak. The Shadows, in my opinion, was much more spookier. Dreams and nightmares? Infiltrating the dreams of others? Young children being accused of heinous things?

The writing was well done. North can spin a tale better than most. He keeps you hooked and the pages turning. I really enjoyed the different timelines because I was always left at the best time. the time where I would want more, but was not getting bored with the timeline I was in.

The ending was what really made this book stand apart from Whisper Man. Where I felt like there was barely a mystery of who did it, this one had more options and the end execution was well done.