A worthy follow up to 'The Whisper Man!'

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This book was definitely one of my most anticipated reads of 2020. After having loved 'The Whisper Man' so much I literally counted down the days for the release of Alex North's new novel. I wasn't one of the lucky raffle winners so I had to wait until Pub Day which was such sweet torture.
About ten pages into the story I already got goosebumps and felt uneasy. Anytime you add children to the storyline of a horror novel it automatically adds to the creep factor in my opinion. Some seriously shocking and horrible things happen in this book and you feel for the main character and also fear for his life.
I love the fact that the author mentioned 'The Whisper Man' in this story (total Stephen King vibes) and two of the main characters are Stephen King fans as am I. These things made the book even more enjoyable for me.
I can definitely recommend this book especially with Halloween coming up! Five stars all around!