Such an Amazing Book!

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The Sea Salt and so Am I was such an outstanding YA novel. I absolutely enjoyed reading it for the most part. The beginning of the story was kind of boring and hard to get into. I thought it could’ve done with less words to describe things and it would’ve just been easier to read that way. Then around the month of April, in the book, the book picks up tremendously. The book became so interesting and fun to read after that point. overall, the pace of the book was faster than I anticipated based off of the first fifty pages.
This was a intriguing story about three teenagers trying to figure out life. They were trying to figure out what comes next. These three teenagers were such great characters. Harlow was such a fixer. I loved Harlow‘s character because it truly showed you someone who didn’t have their own life necessarily together so they always were trying to fix someone else’s. Harlow had so many ups and downs as well as such an interesting personality. The next character being Ellis who is best friend with Harlow and Tommy’s twin. Ellis has an amputated leg and is a runner. He was also more of the ‘I don’t care about anybody else’ kind of personality. I didn’t love Ellis’ character because of that, but at the same time I loved Ellis’ character. without Ellis being who he was the story wouldn’t have been as good. and the last of the three teenagers was Tommy. Tommy was depressed and seem to have lots of anxiety issues. I thought Tommy character was done very well. I personally loved Tommy, he was my favorite character.
overall, this book was amazing. I thought the story was easy to follow. The characters were truly inspiring. And the issues brought forth by the book like depression and anxiety we’re done well. I would recommend this book to anybody who’s dealing with depression as well as anybody who’s just loves YA. I thought this was such a great story and you should definitely check it out!