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I love books about small towns. The fact that everyone knows your business, there is no real sense of privacy and if you're shunned from your community theres no where to find a new one. It can be very hard to admit you have problems or get help when you're in a community like that. I think this book really captures the emotions of people who suffer from mental health issues.

The plot is very complex but it keeps you interested the entire time. I wasn't able to stop once I started. When people write about mental health it can sometimes feel like they're painting a caricature of what it actually feels like. This book on the other hand felt very authentic and well researched. She also captured what it feels like to be a teenager, where you want to do the right thing but don't know how. The characters also change and grow, for the most part which makes it feel like you're on a journey with them. Great debut novel and I hope to read more from her!