a bit slow

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This book started off really slow, which threw me off quite a bit. I had to give myself some time before i could get myself to continue reading. After that first slow part, it was fine for the most part anyway. Not completely sure how i felt about it but i could surely say it was a journey to read. I did like the characters friend/relationships. I wasn't too fond of the three character format but after reading parts, it seems fine. Like many others, i were drawn in by the wonderful cover design. I was surprised yet content when i saw it continued on to the spine of the book. The challenges these characters were dealing with felt very real to me and i'm sure many others as well. I imagined myself in their position, pondering solutions on how I would deal with their issues. This book does an outstanding job of people with serious illness, in my perspective. It's a tough topic to write about, and it's even more difficult to read about. The author has an easy-to-read style of writing.