Hard to put down!

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This book kept me coming back for more! Its a blend of historical fiction and fantasy that has a several plot twists, some that you never saw coming. The book follows starts in a southern region of China during the 8th century folliwing the seemingly unremarkable life of Fan Zilan. Her mother died and then her father, who came to China to study alchemy, leaves and she is raised by her aunt and uncle along with her two cousins.

The royal house of Li exists by eating alchemical gold for eternal life. The Empress has ordered that no one may practice life or death magic.

By studying her father's notes, Zilan has learned how to do a great number of magical feats, including raising the dead back to life.

Journey with Zilan and her cousins as she supports her family with legal and illegal magic, meets the Prince, and attempts to achieve her dream to become a royal alchemist!