The Perfect Escape

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The Safe Place was not at all what I expected but I really enjoyed it! I don’t know that I can fully classify this as a thriller. Perhaps, a suspenseful drama is more accurate. Either way- this book has ‘Lifetime movie’ written all over it and I mean that as a complement.

Emily is a struggling actress who has just been let go from another temp position. Her relationship with her parents is strained and she has nobody to go to for support. Her former boss offers her a position that seems to good to be true. She is to become a caretaker for his wife and I’ll daughter at their French beach house since he works so much. Emily quickly bonds with her boss’ wife, Nina and their daughter, Aurelia. As the story progresses and we see multiple points of view, it starts to become clear that something is off in this ‘dream’ job that Emily has stepped into.

This book was definitely a slow burn. The big reveal doesn’t happen for a long time. However, I really enjoyed the scene that was set. I felt like the description of the scenery in this book really takes the reader to the location. I have seen many reviews saying this book was predictable but I did not see the reveal coming. Maybe I’m just oblivious! 😂 Either way, I really enjoyed this book and I think it’s going to be a great summer read! Make sure to grab it once it releases!