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Intriguing introduction of this thriller. Spoken in the voices of two protagonists, Emily and Scott.

Emily is a character very relatable. She wants to act and is beautiful. She is a perfectionist, yet she doesn’t seem to do anything right. She is stuck in a shame cycle. She lost her temp job and has an over drafted account.

Scott is in investment banking. He is a bit mysterious and isn’t startled by the sight of blood. He has been keeping a close eye on Emily, making her do mundane jobs and seems she is perfect.

What could he want with Emily? It’s obvious it is something sinister. Whatever it may be Scott thinks Emily is the perfect candidate for his extracurricular job. I can’t wait for the ending to see what Scott is actually up to and how will the low self-confident Emily respond?

Updated 2/23/21

Emily became Scott’s wife and daughters companion/housekeeper/au pair due to an illness in his daughter. The mid section was a bunch of filler to me; however the twist at the end was not at all expected. What did Emily find out what is going on in this family? It kept me on my toes!