Interesting Mystery

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Emily is a young woman who desires to become an actress, this pursuit is not going so well for her, neither is her day job. After being fired from receptionist work at an office she is offered another job by her former employer Scott; he would like her to assist with the household duties for his wife and daughter in France. The opportunity is too good for Emily to pass up - what she comes across is Nina a young mother who is intensely protective of their daughter Aurelia who has various illnesses. She soon comes to discover there is no internet, no phone and many secrets in this house.

I found this story to have an intriguing start, I was left wondering what the secrets were and the slow burn was enjoyable to work through. The mystery aspect was a bit of a let down for me, I enjoyed the build up but I found the reveal was done too early and in fact the "secret" was not as big or surprising for me. I think the writer did a good job of setting the stage and describing the characters as well as the environment, it was simply the reveal was not as involved as I expected. I recommend this book if you enjoy slow burn style mysteries that are a bit different than the usual genre provides. Overall, I would be interested to read more from this author.