3 1/2 stars

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The Safe Place by Anna Downes is a thriller that is told from the different points of view of the main characters. There is also moments that flash back in time to build the back story of the couple involved.

Emily Proudman is a want to be actress that has taken a temporary receptionist job to actually pay her bills. After a few weeks at that job though Emily finds herself stumbling in late after an audition after which she is immediately fired. Out of work with no way to pay the bills Emily then gets the news her agent is quitting.

Just as Emily is at her worst she stumbles into a “chance” meeting with her boss from her temp job. Scott Denny is charming and attractive but very married but Emily can’t help but be taken with him, she certainly never expected him to offer her another position after being fired either. As surprising as it is though Scott offers Emily a position helping his wife in another country but as unprepared as she is Emily has no choice but to take the offer.

I have to say that The Safe Place certainly started off somewhat eerie and intriguing as you can’t help but wonder just what will take place. Then for me though it seemed like after it got going it seemed to really slow down on the thrill side making the middle drag a bit. By the time it was all said and done this one rated in at three and a half stars to me as I wished it would have kept the feel it gave at the start all the way through.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.