Ten Out of Ten

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The Rib King - an unforgettable novel about race, class, and revenge, or so says the back-of-the-book summary. Having read it? I completely agree.

First, whoever created the cover art is extremely talented. It's absolutely beautiful. They should most certainly be proud of themselves.

We start the book introduced to Mr. Sitwell, a black servant working for a white family whose funds are quickly declining. He begins to care for the three orphan children the white family - the Barclays - have brought in, all the while dealing with memories from his past.

All of the characters, even minor ones, are very fleshed out
The story itself takes an unexpected turn about halfway through. It seems like something that wouldn't really work in a book like this, but it's done so masterfully by the author that, while certainly a shock, doesn't feel out of place.

Later in the book, we see Jennie - previously the Barclays maid, now a self-made business woman - dealing with the aftermath of all that has happened. We see her doubts, her questions, and most importantly, her character. We see her change and grow from these experiences. We also see how everything someone does effects someone else - how Jennie has affected, Cutie Pie, how Mr. Sitwell has caused a snowball effect that changed everyone's life.

Overall, it was definitely the best book I've read in a while. Masterfully done and worth a reread.