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Mixed Review

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I feel so torn on this one. For one thing, there's a lot to like. Jennie was a fierce character, and she was one to root for. The setting is incredible. And there is just so many relevant themes relating to the Black community both past and present. I also enjoyed the dialogue between characters.

On the other hand, it took nearly 200 pages for the MAIN event to take place, and I was really struggling to stay engaged. The Rib King was an intriguing character, but once we know his secret, he kind of fades into the background until literally the last ten pages of the book. It also just felt like two very different novels in one, and that may be intentional because we are getting two character's perspectives, but it didn't really connect much to me.

I feel like this novel had the potential to be really engaging. It's about a serial poisoner! That's so interesting - but alas, it just fell a bit short.