Fascinated By History

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August Sitwell is a captivating respectful character who shows us the history of race and class within society and his residence at the Barclay's. Although the book is supposed to be about the Barclay family's loss of forturne and ribs (which I def was here for since I am a Kansas Citian) but Mr. Sitwell is the prize of this novel. He is extremely talented and it shows when the Barclay's invite over guests. As a reader you want to shake Mr. Barclay and wake him up!

Thankfully Mr. Sitwell is promoted to a Butler and all his kindness doesn't go unnoticed. The young orphan boys are looked after by him and Miss Mamie depends on him to help keep entertaining the Barclay's guest's or clients. One of the guests that came to the Barclay's to talk food business had me looking up google facts was the Kellogg family. The invention of breakfast cereal is discussed at the Barclay family home and I was fascinated! Def more impressed with Sitwell story telling us more about class and race, either way the historian in me loved this book <3 <3 <3