A Single Event Will Change Everything

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Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This review shows my own experience; keep in mind your preferences in books may be different.

This book is definitely unique, but it was also odd. What I got wasn’t what I went in expecting. Halfway through it took a turn from historical fiction to phycological weirdness. I was expecting a little more fighting for racial equality and not gang violence/turf wars. There was a bit of a business element to the story, but it didn’t add much.

When I’m thinking about it, I can’t think of a lot of strong points for this book. There wasn’t much depth in this novel. It was slow paced and there wasn’t an endgame in mind. You question the reason for reading it in the first place. It was kind of like just hearing about a person’s life without having a specific end to the story. I still don’t really get what the plot of this book was, and I read the whole thing. The ending was told to us and not shown; like the author gave up and quickly ended things. There wasn’t much emotion, plot growth, or lure. I wasn’t really able to connect to the characters or become involved with what was happening. It was a very passive reading experience.