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Such a sweet story

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This was such a sweet book- it really makes you think of what the elderly go through as all their friends around them pass away.

-Mix equal parts journey down memory lane and story of a deep, loving friendship.
-Throw in a dash of family drama
-Sprinkle with heartbreak but serve with a joyful surprise

Doris lives alone in Stockholm and Skypes weekly with her grandniece Jenny in America. Doris has had a very interesting and colorful life but now she has few visitors and mostly sits alone with her memories. The book is told in sections, each one centering around a story about an entry in Doris’ prized address book, a gift from her father, where she has recorded everyone she has ever met and keeps track of whether they have passed away or not. As she looks through her book she has fond memories of a past love- but whatever became of him? Jenny has a family and a busy life but she drops everything to visit Doris when the older woman has a health scare and needs help. Jenny starts to learn more about Doris through her stories, discovering things she didn’t know about her family, and soon there is an opportunity to give Doris the surprise of her life.

I loved this book- it gets a 5 star rating from me because I was smitten with the characters, the story telling, and the love between Jenny and Doris. I loved the back and forth in time and how the author gave the vivid snapshots of Doris’s fascinating life, and then brought you back to present day and reminded you of the address book format.