Sad but worth the read

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This is the story of Doris, a 96 year old woman who lives on her own in Stockholm, Sweden. She treasures the red address book her father gave her when she was a child and has kept it with her throughout her life, though now almost all the names have been crossed out with the word "DEAD" written beside them. Lonely in her old age, she begins typing her memories out for her grandniece, Jenny, so that her life won't be forgotten. Though Jenny lives in America, she and Doris are very close and have a weekly Skype date. They are very close and their relationship is genuine. Though Doris is old and lives far away, Jenny adores and loves her in a way that warms the heart. (Personal opinion here--people tend to forget about or ignore their older relatives, so reading about their relationship was comforting.)

This story takes readers back and forth between Doris's younger years and her current lifetime. The character development is wonderful and the stories of her past are both sad and beautiful.

I had hoped this story would be more heartwarming but it was really sad. I think others might not feel as sad when they read it, but for me it was pretty depressing. I was satisfied with the ending but I never want to read this book again.