Kill me with a cliffhanger

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Maisey Yates has written a lot of romance novels and is a fairly well-known name, and after reading the first chapter of The Rancher's Baby, I don't understand why I haven't picked up one of her books before now!

What's easy to like about this sample is the writing style. It's simple, yet engaging. Not too descriptive, yet paints the scene so you can close your eyes and imagine exactly the layout of the room, what the characters look like, the other women in the room, etc. It's also completely you yourself could find yourself in this situation.

Selena Jacobs finds herself in funeral home mourning her husband-of-convenience, when in walks the guy she actually wishes she was something-more with, Knox McCoy. Throw in a wrench at the end of the sample, and you have a brutal cliffhanger that has me fathoming at the mouth to track this one down as soon as it comes out to find out what happens next!