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The cover is bad. The title is bad. At the bare minimum, I’d say if this ever gets a follow up or something, there needs to be a major rethink about the cover. It’s easily one of the worst I’ve seen on this website. Either way, the book itself seems a bit childish, so with that in mind, I think that this one reminds me of middle grade books geared toward young boys. That’s probably definitely the case considering the content, cover, title, background, author etc. I think that if I put myself in that perspective, I can see where the book can have some value. There is of course a worry in the back of my mind about the appropriateness of some of the content, like the usage of certain words right off the bat. In the real world, yes, this stuff is said and happens. This sort of comedy exists everywhere even for adults. I’m not saying it’s not good, I’m just saying, is it different?