Very unique read!

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At first impression the cover reminded me of something that people who are Evan Hunter fans would instantly be gravitated towards. The fact that there’s a plunger on the cover instantly tells you you’re in for a funny, non-covential ride! This story will not only appeal to kids that grew up spending their summers at camp.. but also the ones who always wished they could! I was sent this book for review and could not wait to dive in. I read an early release blurb and new this would be the next lighthearted, summer fun read I was looking for! At times, the book is complete chaos (but in the very best of ways, of course!) Combine mischievous teenagers without any adult supervision and you’re asking for an action packed adventure with many twists and turns! This book will also appeal to people who just love crude, childish humor. The kind that makes you giggle out loud while reading (no matter how immature the joke or the age of the reader!). I came to read this book after finishing a pretty depressing, “heavy” read. Man, was I pleased to have this story packed with laughs to save me from the sadness of my previous read. You will NOT be disappointed! Buy this book TODAY!