So much fun!!!

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I do not usually venture towards books of this genre or like it, but for some reason, I just really wanted to read this one and absolutely loved it! I am so glad I took the time to read it and will recommend it over and over!

This book reads like all the perfect summer fun with the addition of summer camps, summer games, best friends, adventure, and the Golden Plunger! I loved how the author makes this book so much fun and really enjoyable for anyone who reads it, no matter the age.

In the beginning, Do-Over and the Adventure Rangers of Troop 99 want badly to win the Golden Plunger to win a trip to an adventure camp (who would not want that?!). To do this, they have to beat their rival Troop 100 to secure their spot for the summer. What ensues if fun and hilarity as each troop battles for the plunger. You will love this book and the story, root for the underdogs, and want to win the golden plunger for yourself!