So Good!

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This book is hilarious! The humor reminded me of a cartoon network show called Total Drama Island which I absolutely used to love watching. The author has a great sense of humor which I feel would appeal to kids and adults alike. It smart but also sweet in a way. There's very few books that make me laugh out loud but this book is definitely one of them. There is quite a bit of toilet humor, as it goes when a group of boys get together, but it wasn't not tasteful. It also made me want to go to camp. The author seems to be someone whose had experience with this so I'm pretty sure this is how boys act all the time when they get together.

The story itself is about a group of boys trying to win a competition at the summer camp before one of their friends moves away. Thats pretty much the whole plot but its told so charmingly you can't help but feel invested. I'd give this to kids to get them to love reading.