Hilarious Story

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So I won the audiobook format of this book and thought it would be a perfect book for my kids and I to listen to in the car, as we spend our afternoons in the car pool lane. My son is 9 and the first to get off school, so he was extra excited to listen to this book as we wait for his older siblings to get out.

I didn’t think I would be into this book as much as I was. The book is hilarious though, and it had me laughing the entire time. I loved all the characters, Do Over and Shovel were my absolute favorites. If you can get the audiobook of this I would do it because I think the narration makes it a 100 times funnier.

The only negatives I can see was that there is a lot of curse words said in the book and I get that kids will cuss but I wasn’t expecting it. Also some parts of the story made me gag, but my son thought it was absolutely hilarious, so there is that age gap. This for sure is for middle schoolers, but I still loved it and will look for more books by the author.