Funny Middle Grade Camp Story

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This is so funny, and refreshing in the fact that I'm pretty sure the author is 100% accurately depicting how groups of boys act.

There is plenty of toilet humor, pranks, rivalry, name calling, and you know the new kid in the tighty whiteys is taking alll the crap and bullying.

There's no amazing storyline but the boys are friends, and trying to win the camp competition before one in the group moves away at the end of the summer. I did actually like the dialogue and banter too LOL and the ending was satisfying if nothing else.

I also find toilet jokes endlessly humorous, so there's that. I would totally recommend this one for young boys and boy moms, and anyone who has ever been on a summer camping trip. I think a lot of middle grade to high school aged boys will love this one, it had me cracking up despite not being the intended audience at all

Thank you to the Campfire Publishing LLC via Bookish first for the advanced e copy in exchange for an honest review! All opinions are my own