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After fully reading the new teen novel “The Quest For The Golden Plunger” I was still smiling recalling some of the funniest and silliest moments described. The race to win the coveted Golden Plunger to score a free trip to a high-adventure camp leads to all kinds of raucous adventures.

Turbo Cakes falls in love with the camp nurse, Uncle Ruckus tries to get rich quick with chocolate laxatives, and Shovel becomes a walking target for bullies. Their antics snowball into an unstoppable sequence of events that may get them banned from camp forever...

Join Troop 99 on their annual summer trip to Camp Winnebago and experience their epic misadventures as they try to win the Golden Plunger. This fast-paced story is full of hysterical male adolescent humor that will make you laugh out loud, so don't read it in public or people will definitely give you strange looks.

This book is perfect for anyone who's ever known a Boy Scout, gone camping, or still laughs at poop jokes.