YA Assassin Romance

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I love a good YA fantasy and I kept seeing this one everywhere! Plus, the cover is gorgeous. Admittedly some main plot points (enemies to friends/lovers, royalty, living in the woods to escape Queen Mom) are a bit overused and can seem cliche. I was hoping for more depth in politics/kingdom and honestly the romance is a bit dry and more implied than anything. It comes about from time spent together rather than giving it any real oomph.

However! Its fast-paced and funny. The banter is good. The world building is well done. The finale is great and sets it up well for the sequel (which being a series can either be a plus or minus depending on what you're looking for).

So the conclusion - good but simple. I would definitely recommend it to a younger YA audience who isn't quite ready for the romance or politics that some fantasy novels can get into.