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Secrets, secrets and more juicy secrets!

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The Queen’s Assassin makes my heart flutter with anxiousness. I need more and I need more now!

The novel is told in two POV’s, one from Shadow a girl who lives with her aunts and is destined to go to court, do princess things, which she despises. The second POV is from Caledon, the Queen’s Assassin, a member of the guild who is determined to take down anyone that wants to harm the crown, a boy that got sentenced to a blood vow that his father took and he won’t be able to escape until he fulfils it.

The plot is one of many high fantasy novels. Different worlds with kings and queens and princesses and assassins. Magic and heartbreak and dreams. The realms within The Queen’s Assassin are different from each other, the book mainly sticks with Renovia and Montrice. Two very different countries, secretly at war with each other.

The secrets and conspiracies that are woven into this novel are amazing and heartbreaking. The characters are realistic and lovable. They possess feelings and have dialogue that isn’t forced and at times humorous.

One reason alone to read this book is: if you’re a fan of Melissa De La Cruz’s writing. You won’t be disappointed with another one of her works. If you need a second reason, because of Caledon and Shadow. Star crossed should be lovers with a few challenges along the way.

I’ll be NOT patiently waiting for book two. FYI: There’s a major cliffhanger!