"Mulan" Meets "The Great Gatsby" and I am NOT Complaining!

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I always love books by Melissa de la Cruz and "The Queen's Assassin" was no exception!

On top of the author's writing style, I thoroughly enjoyed the angst between the two main characters, the sassy comebacks and flirtatious banter really added to their depths. (Let's be real here, who DOESN'T love witty banter?!) I also appreciated that there was an array of characters that we love to love but also ones we love to hate.

The setting and clothing throughout the book was described in vibrant detail and the history of the magic system felt well thought out.

The ONLY reason I opted for four starts instead of five was I felt the plot twists were a tad bit predictable though I did appreciate the "Mulan" and "The Great Gatsby" vibe. My favorite reads often have sudden twists and turns as where this particular book left me feeling like I was being lead down the relatively straight path. I know that many readers love this style of plot and the book is well developed and expertly written none the less.

I'm definitely looking forwards to reading the second and final book in this duology!