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Slow-Paced for an Action Fantasy

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Assassins seem to be the big thing in fantasy lately, and so the premise isn't unique. Then nothing I read in the synopsis or first impression does much to differentiate this story from any other assassin-magic-romance story. Then the first couple pages are just exposition. Backstory and world-building can be tricky. Dumping out this much world-building backstory at the first just didn't work for me. It slowed down the flow. And then instead of starting with chapter one and some kind of action to counterbalance the 3 pages of exposition, there's just more prologue. It takes 17 pages just to get to the action and then all I found was a rather petulant teen. I made it to page 20 of the first impression, but I found the story too slow and dragging.

Maybe this story has potential and picks up, but so far I haven't been able to get into it.