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The Princess Knight is the first G.A. Aiken book that I have read. I know that it is the second book in The Scarred Earth series, but that did not stop me from diving in and enjoying this gem. I am thrilled to say that the fact that I did not read the first book in no way hindered me from being able to jump right into the series.
I absolutely loved the character of Gemma Smythe!! She is the best bad a$$, foul mouthed, tough as nails female that I have ever had the pleasure to follow along in a book. I enjoyed following as her character evolves from a snarky brat into the caring/ snarky leader of the War Monks.
This is definitely an action packed story. There are several battles taking place simultaneously. Aiken does a fabulous job of transitioning between battles and characters with ease.
This novel left off with a cliff hanger ensuring that there will be a third book in the series. I am looking forward to reading the next installment and hope that it will be released very soon!