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I wrote a good reader review of this book. If anyone can find it, you'll see what I mean.
I found this book to be funny in places and confusing in other places. This is because the book is absurd and has a cast of hundreds who actually speak and act.
It is book 2 of a trilogy. I have not read book 1 and I'm not sure I need to. There was enough backstory that I understood what was going on.
As I gather, there is this guy who is going around attacking the "home offices" of various different religious groups, killing everybody there and stealing their objects of power. Since each group worships a different God, this slaughter is upsetting them. It also weakens the Gods. This is the idea. The guy thinks that with all these Gods weakened, his God can destroy them and be the only God. It takes our heroes half the book to figure this out because they think one of the Princess' other sisters is being the baddy. I think that will be in the next book.
Even with the cast of hundreds, I could follow well enough. Even with the confusing elements, I find I liked the story.
I received the copy of this book that I read for this review from BookishFirst.