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Not for Me

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"The Princess Knight" by G.A. Aiken has an amazing cover and a great premise. The second book in the Scarred Earth Saga focuses on Gemma Smythe, the sister of the prophesied Blacksmith Queen, Keeley. The Scarred Earth books feature strong female characters and lots of action. The world that Aiken has built is also interesting and features many fantastical elements.

Unfortunately this book was not one of my favorites. I was not a fan of the writing style and the humor in the book fell flat for me. As a result of these issues I found that I couldn't connect with the characters. For me a book classified as a paranormal romance should have romance as one of it's top attributes but I found the romance in this book to be lacking.

I appreciate the effort the author went through to create this unique world and focus on such strong female characters, unfortunately it just wasn't a good match for me.